In need for IT pros?

Are you looking for IT consultants making a difference?

We can provide the best candidates for your software project.

Business analysts

Our business analysts will analyze the opportunities to optimize your business processes. To do this, they will identify the scope and goals of the project. Modeling the business processes, defining the business requirements and providing the necessary data models, are a few key aspects of our consultants.

Functional analysts

Our functional analysts identify and translate the needs of stakeholders in the most efficient way. They do this preferably through good conversations and workshops. In a simple and clear way they bring the IT specialists up to speed on what needs to be developed.


Our developers get a kick out of building software and dream about code every night. They care about making the right software in the right way, with a motivated team. Together they care about translating functional analyses into impeccable code, because the quality of their code is one of the priorities.

Project Managers & Product Owners

Our project managers and product owners are cut from the right cloth. They are no- nonsense, pragmatic, agile and result-oriented. They do everything to make the project a success by building up a deep knowledge of the products and services. They take into account time, scope and budget while keeping a satisfied customer as their main priority. They always do this with the necessary theoretical background and the known management methodologies. In addition, good communication with the team and the various stakeholders are the key to success.