Why yucca?

We believe in making a difference by putting people first. Whether you are a customer or an employee, people are at the heart of our business where we put the following company values first.

We care

We are more than suppliers of projects for candidates and vice versa. At Yucca, we play a relevant role in the lives of our employees and freelancers. We listen to them and answer their questions, we think with them and make time to make their challenges also ours. Not because that attitude immediately makes our business better. But because we care.

We coach

Building a career as an IT consultant is a rocky road. Not only because constantly switching projects and teams and managers is demanding and sometimes exhausting. Also because the market never stops changing and your expertise of today may already be outdated tomorrow. That's why we go beyond training and learning and why we always believe in a coaching approach. In this way, our consultants continue to grow.

We communicate

Our world is one of phone calls and WhatsApp messages. Of quickly checking on how things are going with our clients and candidates, to keep our finger on the pulse. This seems trivial, but it's not. By communicating openly and continuously, we know exactly what is going on in the heads of our consultants and we assess the needs of our clients even before they themselves formulate them.

We catch your drift

Customer questions are often more complex than it appears at first sight. A vacancy for a Java developer or .NET specialist often hides a deeper need for internal coaching. Or for training young people. Or it contains two things: an immediate gap and a structural problem. We are not afraid of this complexity and try to understand our customers' business in depth in order to provide them the best service.

We can be trusted

Yes, short-termism rules the current job market. But, no, we do not go along with that. We are worthy of our customers' trust because we always deliver what they really need. We also permanently build on the trust of our candidates by helping them when their careers demand it.

‘ All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today'

Indian proverb